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The fact is that two out of three providers say that their businesses have been negatively impacted by retail predators that are aiming at our industry to grab a segment of their patient population. A compounding factor for these same providers is the continued slide of reimbursement rates due to competitive bidding. The question that we ask, what if the manufacturers that the providers support are the fuel that is powering these retail giants to take away a segment of the business that was meant to balance out the reimbursement declines? When your customer can find the very same items online or in the big box store, your business is left to explain why you cannot “match the price”. Those customers do not recognize the value that your local business brings to them with support and education, now and in the future, as their health care needs change.

Started in 1992, Lifestyle Mobility has focused exclusively on developing products and programs to support one channel, the DME Providers. As an organization we believe that our customers do more than just deliver things that cost money. Our partners provide a service that cannot be thought of as a price tag hanging on the side of a walker. Lifestyle Mobility is on your side. We are in this with you as your business evolves and have a full range of products to help you diversify payor mix, maximize your profits, and improve cash flow.


P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The new standard in Portable Oxygen Concentrators, the P2 brings reliability and durability in a lightweight package to provide for the best customer experience. Five pulse settings with industry leading bolus sizes ensure your customers get the oxygen they need, when they need it. With 4 hours of battery power at a setting of two, your customers will have peace of mind when they are out enjoying their new independence. Product weight 4.3 lbs. Product Size 8.7in x 3.3in x 6.3in.

Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

Designed with the delivery technician in mind, the Lifestyle Homecare Beds are easy to set up and take apart with a single motor design to reduce and simplify service calls. The Lifestyle Homecare Beds capitalize on established designs for compatibility with added features to ensure the beds withstand the demands of routine rentals.

Cadence III Lightweight Wheelchair (K3)

A workhorse lightweight wheelchair designed for maximum lifetime value. Our Cadence III wheelchair is the best platform for a suite of accessories that will help to improve customer comfort and safety while maximizing cash flow and profitability in the rental market. Easily transition to this product with compatibility built in. Available in 16”, 18” and 20” widths with multiple arm and front rigging options.

 Royal Universal Height Rollator with 6” or 8” wheels

Because no two customers are the same, our Universal Height Rollators are designed to accommodate a wide range of patients. With seat to floor heights ranging from 18.5” to 22.5”, your customers will feel more comfortable, safe, and independent when sitting on the oversized seat. A large, padded backrest and oversized storage tote make spending the day with family and friends a pleasure.

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